Where can i buy goodly Foods products?

If you are interested in purchasing our products for your food service, grocery or retail business, please contact us info@hellogoodly.ca or give us a call at (604) 256-4663. Our products are available on a bulk packaged, wholesale basis for use in food service environments or in 500ml, sealed deli containers for use in grocery and retail. And of course, a portion of our products are distributed to local food banks across Metro Vancouver. Currently you can purchase our soups at 11 Metro Vancouver Walmart Stores, Meridian Farm Markets, Pomme Natural Market in Port Coquitlam, Stongs on Dunbar, Famous Foods and at University of British Columbia in Vancouver and Kelowna.

Where are Goodly Foods products made?

All of our products are made on site in Commissary Connect’s industrial kitchen located in Vancouver. This is a new facility that was built to the highest of standards with equipment and packaging materials that meet all regulatory guidelines. We are considered an anchor tenant at the commissary and have our own private cooking station. This site is also B.C.’s first Regional Food Hub.

Where do you get your produce from?

We are grateful for the collaborative spirit and generous donations of surplus produce from local suppliers such as Fresh Start Foods, Star Group, BC Fresh, and Fresh Direct Produce. If you are a grower, wholesaler or distributor and are interested in working with us, please contact us at info@hellogoodly.ca

What do you mean by “Imperfect” or “surplus” produce?

We refer to the produce we source as “below seconds” and not fit for retail or secondary markets. These are vegetables and fruits that for a variety of reasons may not meet the specific requirements of primary retail or secondary markets. With the produce we work with, this means that although still perfectly fine to eat and cook with, the produce may be under ripe, overripe or in a weird shape (e.g., a multiple pronged carrot or a funny shaped tomato, small bits of carrots, etc.). There are many factors that result in produce not making it to retail or secondary market.

Is Goodly Foods a non-profit organization?

Yes, Goodly Foods is registered as a Society under the BC Societies Act. If you are interested in supporting the work that we do, you can donate here.

Why is goodly Foods considered a social enterprise?

Through a collaborative and innovative business model, Goodly Foods re-frames the narrative around food “waste” into one of viewing surplus food as a resource. We set out to test that model by understanding the volume, flow and quality of specific vegetables that would otherwise be considered as imperfect and process them into nutritious and delicious foods. A portion of every batch of soup made is donated to food banks across Metro Vancouver. Another important part of this process involves offering employment opportunities for individuals who experience barriers to employment by working in partnership with HAVE Culinary Society.