Goodly Foods began as a unique initiative led by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) and Fulmer Capital Partners Inc. working in close partnership with local businesses such as Commissary Connect (our facility partner) and Hope Action Values Ethics (HAVE) Culinary Training Society (our employment & production partner).

We are proud to be the recipients of a more than $1.05 Million CAD grant from Walmart Foundation and Walmart Canada, which allowed us to invest in equipment and scale up to bring the vision of Goodly Foods to reality.

We are also grateful for the collaborative spirit and generous donations of surplus produce from the Fresh Start Foods, Star Group, BC Fresh, and Fresh Direct Produce. And of course, Chef Karen Barnaby, who as a long time Food Bank supporter, brings her passion for reducing food waste to creating our nutritious and delicious foods as our Product Development Chef.

The pilot project received financial support through Vancity’s enviroFund program, in-kind brand development advice and work from Rethink Communications as well as web site development Forge and Smith, and we have received donations of small wares from Gordon Food Service.

We give a special thanks to Potluck Café Society for all their support in working as our employment and production partner through the pilot phase.


Pilot Advisory Board
: Stuart Lilley, Sarb Mund, Mark Vickers, Davis Yung
Fulmer Foundation Board: Yuri Fulmer, Karen Gilmore, Bev Park, Kristi Millar, John Smiley, Fabio Banducci, Carolyn Tuckwell, Blair Rebane
The Board of Directors of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank
UBC Students: Kaylie Higgs, Akiho Masuda, Lizzy Ojo, Srisha Mohandoss, Adam (Zefang) Zhang, Zoe (Shushup) Ding
UBC Partners: Tim Silk, Kelleen L. Wiseman, David Speight, Victoria Wakefield, Véronik Campbell
Volunteers and Supporters: Julia Ferreira, Steve McKinley, Diego Costa, Bhupinder Singh, Bethan Stewart, Vincent Lam, Ian Bell, Dounia Saeme, Doris Chow, Sarah Carten, Catherine Bergart

Thank you to the many innovators and entrepreneurs who took time to speak with us or inspire us through their work: Food Mesh, D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre, Kromkommer, Food Stash Foundation, Luv the Grub, Food Lens Consulting, ReFED, Delancey Street Foundation, Home Boy Industries.

We are also grateful to all of our graphic design, Photography, label, spice and packaging suppliers for their ongoing support and generousity.

Fluid Creative, Summit Print, Applied Plastics Technology, Inc., Great Little Box Company, FoodPak, Japak,
David Jung, Vairdy Frail, Blackwood Apparel, and Fresh Ideas & Solutions Inc.

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